Bad Apple Creative
Rebellious design

Bad Apple is a Storytelling Company.
We Build Unique Brands That Tell Your Story.

We are a boutique design studio. We are brand builders. Storytellers. Innovation engineers. Creativity cooks. We are lateral thinkers. Strategy authors. Experience creators. Content publishers. We are a family of creatives that honestly cares about you and your business. We are specialists working together to create compelling ideas. We are Bad Apple and we will always find the most interesting way to tell your story.


  • Brand Development
  • Design
  • Advertising
  • Experiential & Innovation Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Digital & Social Media
  • Packaging
  • Point-of-Sale (Display Stands & Dumpbins)
  • Retail & Interior Design
  • Content & Copywriting

The Bad Apple Manifesto

  1. Be Fair.

    If it’s not fair to everyone involved, it’s not viable. Client’s need a good deal. So do we.

  2. Complacency is Bad.

    “Good” is not good enough. Exceptional is achieved by finding every possible solution and then, and only then, choosing the best, most suitable solution to the problem.

  3. No Dicks.

    No unpleasant clients. No unpleasant staff.

  4. Love.

    Love what you do. Do what you love. This will always set you, and us apart.

  5. Give Back.

    Pass on knowledge. Pass on success. Give credit where credit is due. Help those that need it.

  6. Sex Sells.

    Use it where it works.

  7. Listen & Put Yourself in Their Shoes.

    Hearing is not listening. Learn to be a good listener. Only then can you fully understand.

  8. Build Your Visual Vocabulary.

    “Inspiration is everywhere. If you can’t see it, look again.” – Paul Smith

  9. Be Awesome.

    Awesomeness is a result of Love. “Awesomeness puts creativity front & centre”- The Awesomeness Manifesto

  10. Be Ethical.

    Always ask: Is it good for everyone involved? Will it harm anyone or anything? If the answer is “no”, move on.

  11. Smile.

    “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” – Annie

Some of Our Clients

Executive Blind Manufacturers Perimeter School Two Wheels Trading Joubert Galphin Searle Precision Laboratories Shutterlux Handcrafted Shutters Momsen Bikes Walmer Park Shopping Centre Scifest Africa Muna Crawford & Co. Kargo Brobow Melissa Meiring Stopaflat Theodor Herzl Schools The Bike & Brew Allaboard Travel Herman Brink Wooden Furniture Delbro Premium